Windows Server 2012 R2

Remove Domain Controller from the Forest

To remove the domain controller from the forest if the server is not bootable. To force remove from the domain controller if disconnected from the forest but still running. (Metadata must still be removed from the forest about this…

Windows Server 2012 PDUWICA Daily Application Crash

Issue: Fault Bucket… Event Name: PDUWICA Solution: In “Task Scheduler” disable the following tasks: Microsoft -> Windows -> Application Experience “Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser” “AitAgent” “ProgramDataUpdater”

Microsoft SQL Server DBA Setup Checklist and Recommendations

Install SQL Server Service Packs and Cumulative updates recommended from Keep Long Term Backups at least 1 year (in case of uncaught database corruption) Make sure backups are stored in 3 different physical locations (at least 3 different…

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