Fight Asthma with Integrative Medicine

Make sure you are not allergic to any essential oil prior to using it.


Fight Asthma with Integrative Medicine



  • While you child is playing outside or is out of the house.  Clean your house (vacuum, dust, etc.)  Make sure to vacuum your furniture and underneath as well.
  • Have a friend come over and use their sense of smell to find any bad odors that need to be cleaned.  (We become accustomed to the smell of our own home and cannot detect bad odors)
  • Air out your house with a whole house fan or with doors open for a few hours after vacuuming and dusting before your child comes home.
  • Make sure mold is cleaned by proffessionals
  • You could buy a HEPA filter air purifier, but make sure to use a diffuser or humidifier as well.
  • If air quality is bad in your area, you might need to move to a city or state that has better air quality if you child’s asthma is serious.  (diesel fumes, agriculture caused air pollution, mold in the air, chemicals in the air, living in a valley where air pollution settles, etc.)

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