Restore Exchange 2013 Accidentally Deleted Mail Box

Good news Exchange 2013 doesn’t delete a mailbox right away.  Exchange 2013 has a retention period.  It can be restored rather quickly, just not as quickly as it took to delete it.  This covers the restore of an accidentally deleted Exchange mailbox.

  • Recreate the Active Directory user account that was deleted with the same username. (If the mailbox was deleted then the AD User object was deleted and needs to be recreated)
    • Make sure the home directory for the user account is correct in Active Directory.
    • Double check the folder security is correct for the new user account.
    • Set a default password for the user account in Active Directory.
    • Set the password to reset on next login.
    • Fix the Active Directory groups for the user account etc.
  • Get a list of all mail boxes and output the list to a text file in Exchange Powershell.
    • Get-MailboxDatabase | Get-MailboxStatistics | Format-List DisplayName, MailboxGuid, Database, DisconnectReason, DisconnectDate > mailboxes.txt
    • Find the mailbox guid for the user with the deleted mail box in the text file “mailboxes.txt”.
  • Make the recently deleted mailbox show up in the disconnected mailbox list
    • To run the powershell below you will need the Exchange database name and guid for the deleted mailbox.
    • Exchange Database Name can be looked up via Exchange Admin Center -> Servers -> Pencil (Edit) -> then cancel once noted or copied.
    • Enter in the mailbox database name and mailbox guid you retrieved earlier into the powershell script below.  Run the script in Exchange Powershell to get the disconnected/deleted mailbox to show up in EAC.
    • Update-StoreMailboxState -Database “Exchange Database Name” -Identity “Mailbox Guid”
  • Connect the deleted mailbox to the AD account you recreated and mark the mailbox as no longer deleted.
    • In “Exchange Admin Center” -> Recipients -> … -> Connect a Mailbox
    • EAC View Disconnected Mailboxes

      EAC View Disconnected Mailboxes

    • Click on the desired mailbox and then click on the Connect button.
    • EAC Connect Mailbox to AD Account

      EAC Connect Mailbox to AD Account

    • Wait for Active Directory to Sync (take a coffee break.)


  • In “Exchange Admin Center” -> Recipients -> find user that was restored
    • Edit the recipient and fix the alias to be the correct email address for the user.
    • Click on email addresses and remove any bad SMTP addresses.
  • Notify the user via phone or in person the default password for the user account and the password reset minimum requirements.



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  1. Robert

    You saved my day!! Thanks a lot
    I used it for a shared mailbox recovery and it worked like a charm

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