Best Quick Command Line Tools for IT Troubleshooting

Remote Desktop quickly into a server or workstation specifying the computer name:

  • mstsc /v:[COMPUTERNAME]

Open remote computer’s c: drive in explorer on a domain:

  • explorer.exe “\\[COMPUTERNAME]\c$”

Open remote computer’s services console:

  • services.msc /Computer:[COMPUTERNAME]

Open remote computer’s event log:

  • eventvwr.msc /Computer:[COMPUTERNAME]

Open AppCrashView for remote computer:

  • “[PATH TO APPCRASHVIEW]” /ProfilesFolder “\\[COMPUTERNAME]\c$\Users” /ProgramData “\\[COMPUTERNAME]\c$\ProgramData”

Open Remote Computer’s Computer Management Console:

  • compmgmt.msc /Computer:[COMPUTERNAME]

Open Remote Computer’s Command Prompt:

  •  “[PATH TO SYSINTERNALS PSEXEC.exe]” -accepteula \\[COMPUTERNAME] cmd

Shutdown or restart remote computers:

  • shutdown /i

Find Listening Ports on current computer:

  • netstat -a | find “LISTENING”

Open Add Remove Programs on local computer:

  • appwiz.cpl

Open System Properties on local computer:

  • sysdm.cpl

Open Computer Management on local computer:

  • compmgmt.msc

Open Services Console on local computer:

  • services.msc

There are more I just tried to put the ones people overlook or don’t always know about.  I also like to make hot keys for any repetitive tasks using AutoHotKey.


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