Best Free File Copy Tool for Terabytes of files in Windows

The hands down best free file copy tool for terabytes of data in Windows is FastCopy.  RichCopy proved to be buggy and unreliable. Rich copy even when used via the command line crashed randomly.  RichCopy’s interface was also buggy and unreliable. RoboCopy, copy, xcopy, xxcopy, can’t handle the amount of files in terabytes of data. Many of the other alternative copiers are not even close to as fast or reliable as FastCopy for copying terabytes of data.  The only other tool that is reliable for copying terabytes of data is the cp or rsync command in Linux.  Using a different OS like Linux or Cygwin in Windows to copy files takes much more time to setup and use than downloading FastCopy and using it.

FastCopy in a network copy scenario is the most reliable and second fastest option. RichCopy is slightly faster, but unreliable due to random crashes and a buggy interface. FastCopy in all other copy scenarios is the fastest utility.  Therefore, overall FastCopy in a Windows environment is the free and best option for copying terabytes of information. Teracopy is worth mentioning, but since it is significantly slower than FastCopy it is not worth using when copying Terabytes of information.

I recommend using the “verify” option for every command and do not use the move command.  I have seen scenarios where files end up being 0kb in size when the verify option is not used or when the move command was used.

I used FastCopy to copy 3 terabytes of data in a networked Windows environment and well over a million different files with different permissions and files in use from our Windows File Server to our NAS.  The only time FastCopy failed to copy a file was when the file was in active use.  Long paths that failed in RichCopy copied normally and without error in Fastcopy.  Every setting that I needed for synchronizing and backing up files was easy to find and use.  The interface is not pretty, but in the end is easy to understand and use.  It also integrates into the Windows shell with right click options if the installer is used.  Alternatively if you only copy the FastCopy.exe and chm file it can be used from a flash drive or portably.


FastCopy FastCopy ver2.11_2014-02-13_12-34-00 FastCopy ver2.11_2014-02-13_12-33-47 FastCopy ver2.11_2014-02-13_12-33-37 FastCopy ver2.11_2014-02-13_12-33-21

Sample Command Line Usage: (fastcopy.exe [/options] file1 file2 … [/to=dest_dir])

ECHO Fastcopy > "C:\Scheduled Tasks\scripts\NAS-SERVER-01_TECHS_FastCopy.log"
"C:\Program Files\FastCopy\FastCopy.exe" /cmd=sync /exclude="Thumbs.db;.DS_Store;DfsrPrivate\" /filelog="C:\Scheduled Tasks\scripts\NAS-SERVER-01_TECHS_FastCopy.log" /speed=5 /error_stop=FALSE /force_close /acl=FALSE /verify=TRUE "\\NAS-SERVER-01\Techs\*" /to="\\NAS-SERVER-02\TECHS\"

Ending the source folder with “\*” and the destination folder with “\” copies the contents of the source folder into the contents of the second folder without recreating the main source folder.  File and folder exclusions use a syntax similar to Unix find which is similar to regular expressions.  Entire paths are not entered only individual files and folders to be excluded.  Folders are ended with a backslash.  Multiple exclusions are separated by a semicolon. The /force_close option closes FastCopy.exe program whether the copy had errors or not after the copy is finished.  The /cmd switch offers every synchronize and backup option needed:

cmd options



Copy Tool Comparison


8 thoughts on “Best Free File Copy Tool for Terabytes of files in Windows

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  2. John Clarke

    Have you seen issues with FastCopy running in a batch file as a Scheduled Task? I am seeing that FastCopy will continually “sync” a file that it has already successfully sync’ed, while others in the same source folder just are sync’ed once

    1. Preston Post author

      No I haven’t seen this occur. Is this a large file or small file? Have you checked the drive for corruption using chkdsk or other utility? Also which option for syncing (diff, sync, or update, ) did you use in the script.

  3. John Clarke

    I am using the SYNC option to mirror zip files from one server to USB drives on another computer. The zip files are generated nightly by the backup software we are running. When I run Fast Copy as a task, about half the files are not processed properly and are repeatedly sync’ed to the destination drives. If I run the script manually, it works just fine.

    I am seeing the same issue when I use Robocopy instead of Fast Copy, so my problem must lie someplace else.

    I ran a chkdsk on the USB drives and the source drive and all came back clean.

    My next step is to reverse the script so it runs on the destination computer instead of the source computer.

    1. Preston Post author

      Take note of the file properties. The backup software could be modifying something simple like the archive bit the following day.

      1. John Clarke

        I figured it out. I had a cleanup task running on the destination computer which had the wrong date range set on it. Therefore, it was deleting files each night which still needed to be on there, and so they were re-synced again later in the night. Kludgy setup is what it is!

        Thanks for taking the time to help me out on this.

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