Mass Provision Office 365 Mailboxes

I was having a problem with new users in Office 365 where their mailboxes were not provisioned. #Mass Provision Office 365 Mailboxes using Test-MapiConnectivity #Variables $username = ""; $logfile = 'c:\temp\ProvisionMailboxes.txt'; $emaildomain = '@DOMAIN.COM'; #$mycreds = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($username, $secpasswd); $mycreds…

Rename a Computer Remotely

How to rename a domain joined computer remotely: netdom renamecomputer "OldComputerName" /newname:"NewComputerName" /userd:DOMAIN\AdminUser /passwordd:* /force /reboot:480   Resources: RSAT Tools for Windows 10 RSAT Tools for Windows 8.1 RSAT Tools for Windows 7 SP1

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